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i need to get my cat out of my old place.. it's a really bad situation and i can't bring her to my brother's place where i'm staying right now. is there anyone that could watch her for 6 days starting tomorrow? i can pay you some money for it... i would really really appreciate it. please let me know asap.
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the apartment's been rented!! we signed over the papers tonight :D

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dear lazywebs,
i vaguely remember something about contracts for X amount of time through cable companies such as direct tv or comcast being a wash... does anybody else remember this? i signed a year long contract with comcast but am gonna need to cancel it early since i'm moving back to mn and won't have my own place right away. i'd rather not be paying some ridiculous fee to get out of it.
any input?
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i need some opinions....
so i'm moving back to mn and need to find someone to take over the lease on our loft... it's approx 2000 sq feet total but part of that is a studio that's being rented by an older woman for her art studio. she's super quiet, keeps to herself and is here about once a week only for a couple hours. she pays for 1/3 of the rent and 1/3 of the very minimal utilities. she has been in the space either living here or working out of it for nearly 7 years and i don't think she's going anywhere anytime soon.

we might have the opportunity to rent out our connecting garage space as a glass workshop to a few people, one of them being a good friend of ours, for another 1/3 of the rent. i'm not sure how many people total would have access to the space but i do know they'd like to host classes in addition to doing their own work. initial access to the space is through the main door to the apartment and then through the living room. the garage door can only be locked/unlocked from the inside so the first person in and the last person out would be going through the main space if not more.

so here's the dilemma/question..... which seems more appealing to a possible renter?
paying approx $600 for your own bedroom and then essentially the rest of the space would be shared with the woman renting the studio off to the side and also the people renting the garage space although the majority of the time you'd have the entire space to yourself since no one else would technically be living there.
OR pay approx $1200 and have the lower living space, garage space and bedroom to yourself, all that is shared is the kitchen and bathroom with the woman that's pretty much never there.

i'm just not sure if having the people with the glass work move into the garage will hurt the chances of renting the place.... i want to find someone to rent it for nov 1st but haven't figured out how to approach the situation to get an ad up on craigslist...

what would you do?


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we'll be at trex at 7pm tonight for dinner/drinks before the babyland show at the gilman! join us!!!
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home... and very tan.
and a little burnt even.
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anybody else interested in going to the tiki bar in alameda tonight?
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our new little man..

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anybody looking for a place in the east bay roommate style? $620+approx $35 for utilities. approx 1800 total sq ft. dog friendly but prefer cats. guys or dolls. must be a reasonably clean roommate.
let me know asap if you're interested or know of anyone that would be interested.

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